15 Principles Behind Highly Successful People

Original Post by alex-bettermind on reddit You can’t just become highly successful through ‘life hacks’ and shortcuts, but there are some habits and tools that are too good not to use. That’s why I’ve assembled a list of the top 16 tools, tactics and routines that I’ve come across from my research. Integrating these won’t necessarily make […]

How to stop consultant clients from leaving?

Consulting Questions Answered – Part 1 [16:28] Learn about Sam’s course here: Don’t forget to Like/Subscribe/Comment *** – really helps the channel grow! xox These updates are about 30 days behind (since they’re usually discussing current promotions) if you want to check out the latest day to day vlog in “real time” you can see […]

Should you Hire a CEO?

To all the solo-preneurs out there: I’m talking to you. A lot of folks who I’m friends with, and probably you too, fall under that category. You either have your own business or you’re looking to make one and you’re probably doing it solo like solo-preneur. Most of the time we try to be our […]

Free Follow Up Email Marketing Template

Principle One – Getting people to Know, Like & Trust You is the foundation of a sale. You’ve probably heard this sales terminology before, and it’s an extremely important step in making a sale. There’s simply no better way to get someone to know, like and trust you than to teach them something that helps […]