Note: sent this email out to my list, and if you’re finding this on my blog, well I don’t really feel like I need to change the message, it’s a letter – and I hope you’ll enjoy its message!

hey hey – long time no email!

I’ve been CRAZY busy over the last few months working on a super dooper secret project (ok they just announced it at an event in front of 3000 people that was keynoted by Richard Branson so it’s not that big of a secret anymore) BUT that’s not what this email is about!

This email is about my crazy friend Brian G Johnson and his new book the Trust Funnel.

(Details in the PS about why this is the most unique book launch, but first let me tell you about the book!) – non affiliate because I simply think if you are serious about marketing you need this book. I feel like this book was a mini bio of my life online, it’s the book I would want to write, because I think the concept is so important…To have a successful business you need trust… without that you will fail.

You can fake trust for awhile, but eventually people will figure you out… Why not simply use it as the foundation for your business and marketing instead as an after thought?

And that’s what this book is all about, how to generate trust that generates sales… and how to do it all while having more fun in your marketing then you have before.

If you pick up the book forward me your receipt and I’ll send you a special little bonus, nothing too crazy, but I want to just reward the action takers that I’m connected to.

If you think the book isn’t for you, that’s ok too.. Not all of us are in the “building business” world, and I’ll admit, thats the core concept of this book.

But is it? I found myself reading through the book and finding little tidbits that, yes they were about marketing, but honestly they can apply to every day life. I know Brian didn’t write this as a “self help” book, but it did help me look at Trust as an important “currency” in my life, be it marketing or personal relationships.

I hope you’ll take the time to pick this up, read it, and digest the content – this isn’t a “bookshelf trophy” like a lot of the books I know we all buy, patting ourselves on the back and saying “I bought a book! How great of me!” this is a book that will add value to your life, and even if just one little tidbit changes the way you do business, or how you view people, well – just imagine what that could mean for you and your life… – go check it out at least 🙂

Sean Vosler

Ps. Brian has a great set of affiliate emails if you think you’d like to promote this book, his funnel is brilliant and I simply can’t believe what he’s done in just a few months. I personally helped him with some of the video and landing page optimization, and you know what? For the first time I really felt like all the headlines, colors, and visual “conversion” stuff just didn’t matter that much, his message is what actually is reaching people… the launch is happening and being successful because of the message, not the marketing… and it’s blowing my mind, making me rethink everything I do from a marketing perspective, it IS the MESSAGE that is important.. not the technology or the button colors.

Here’s the information on how you can be an affiliate  – Affiliate is a weird term for it even, I feel more like I’m partnering to share the message more then I’m an affiliate… and that’s why I’m not using my link, I believe in him and his message, and I don’t need to be paid to support it… but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some good money promoting 😉

PSS. i need a new Spotify mix, if nothing above appeals to you at least reply to this email and hit me with some new music i should check out!